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Next to Succeed

Book Summary

The reward of obtaining the promises of God, inheriting eternal favor, and ultimately walking in Kingdom success is not without diligent preparation. Many mistakenly believe these divine undertakings magically happen. This is simply not true. Next to Succeed confronts this misconception and provides life-changing insights to help prepare future generations for Kingdom Success. 

If you are truly next to succeed, you must prepare to receive what God has for you. Your preparation today will ready you for tomorrow's appointment with success. Author Vada Stephens has each level of your preparation in view as he instructs the believer how to walk in the riches of promise and obtain the favors of God that determine Kingdom success.

Within each chapter, instructive principles are lifted from relevant biblical stories aimed to help the believer prepare for greatness in the everlasting Kingdom of God. Get ready to move from preparation to realization as the transforming word of God propels you toward what God has next for you. You are Next to Succeed and it is high time to prepare ahead of schedule.

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