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The moment I arrived at college everything changed for me. I was eighteen and excited about life and my future. In my mind, advancing my education was the assignment at hand. However, I didn’t anticipate the adversity that awaited me my first semester. To be honest, I felt the academic pressure right away. I remember thinking, “I’m going to sink or swim.” 

That semester I was filled with anxiety as I attempted to balance my academic, spiritual, and social life. One day I was so nervous before taking a test that my breathing became sporadic. I was really messed up. Another student advised that I see a doctor in order to get help.

I was soon thereafter diagnosed with anxiety disorder and prescribed medication. The doctor explained that various helps were available to accommodate my disorder. One recommended resource was to talk with a clinical therapist. Through the grace of God, I met a clinical therapist who happened to be a believer in Christ.

During a session, she casually asked did I read devotional material. I told her I did not. That evening I decided to add devotional readings in my mental diet. I even increased my reading of other help materials as well. Before I knew it, I found myself reading daily scriptures. I chose to memorize scriptures that addressed anxiety. It was so helpful. I felt as if I was training my mind to quiet the anxiety. When asked today how I gained victory over anxiety, I say “God used the doctor and his word. “


We ready,

Anonymous/UC Student



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Everyone has feelings of anxiety, nervousness, tension, and stress from time to time. Here are 5 ways to help control those feelings.


Tools of Survival:

  1. Rest Yourself and Calm down. (Techniques to use include meditation, prayer, silence, deep breathing, etc.)

  2. Get enough sleep, nourishment, and exercise 

  3. Fellowship with friends, family, and others.

  4. Enjoy your surroundings as you connect with God and his creation. (Take a trip, hike, walk, vacation etc)

  5. Focus on the positive and maintain a thankful attitude. 

Recommend Scripture: Philippians. 4:8

Additional Resource.

Online Bible Search

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