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Like many, I received salvation at a very early age. I was taught the fundamentals of walking with God and encouraged to never stray away. However, as I pursued a life outside of my upbringing, my walk shifted. I attempted walking away from my identity in Christ and began walking in a worldly identity full time.

Of course, the powerful allurement of the world offered the nightlife, money, women, alcohol, drugs, and much more. My indulgence in the world became a destructive force which misconfigured who I was and misrouted where I was going. I felt miles away from whom God called me to be and desperately needed change.

Similar to the prodigal son prior to his awakening, I found myself immersed in the aftermath of bad decisions, emptiness, horrible loss, and negative thinking. It wasn't until I experienced a series of unfortunate events that I discovered, experientially, the grace of God that was able to lift me out of shame, guilt, depression, paranoia, fear, and many other emotional storms assigned to attack my mind.

The key to my recovery was the transforming power of God's word. Although I had the Holy Spirit, I also had wounded thinking. I needed a renewed mind to cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit within. In great pain, I began to diligently search the scriptures as I consumed it's divine therapy. My hope was that the prescribed word of God would wash away the trauma, past fears, feelings of unworthiness, along with self-defeating thoughts that like aftershocks reminded me of the earthquake of my past failures. The word did not fail me. It was the word of God that healed and transformed my thinking. It was the word of God that cleansed my pathway. It was the word of God that restored my thought life. It was the word of God that changed my disposition and renewed my mind.

I began injecting the word of God daily. Suddenly the mind of the flesh was forced into submission as I gained authority over my negative emotions. Gradually, I experienced one mental victory after the next. My view of myself and the world around me changed drastically. In time, I was given the revelation to help others, thru God's life-changing word, think their way to victorious living.

Today I preach and teach the message of recovery through Christ Jesus. In addition, God's grace afforded me the wonderful opportunity to work in the health industry for well over a decade which broadened my knowledge, compassion, and scope for those who perhaps hurt most. I've had the privilege of working with various foundations, pharmacies, hospitals, as well as patients all around the country who have been diagnosed with various ailments and prescribed treatments accordingly. The alarming number of patients that are not only dealing with physical sickness but also psychological despair is mind-blowing. Just as physicians, therapists, psychologists, as well as medical practitioners, etc..prescribe medicine to help those in need; I believe that prescriptions of God's word must also be prescribed so that we may better unify our efforts to promote, maintain, and restore healthy lifestyles. 

The key to living victoriously begins with transformation of thinking. Romans 12:2 KJV reminds us And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. Your mind must undergo a total overhaul from wrong thinking to right thinking in order to walk in victory. Scripture teaches as a man thinks so is he. If your thinking is wrong, your perspective will inevitably misguide your steps away from victorious living.

 VASM is committed to providing spiritual treatment through administering the word of God to help promote healthy thinking and thus healthy living. What I like to call "Living it Up." Say goodbye to living in despair, depression, anxiety, fear, as well as endless negative emotions. Instead, say hello to living it up thru consuming prescriptions of Gods grace. His grace is sufficient and will lift you from drowning in self-defeat. Remember you are one thought away from victory in Christ Jesus.

Live Your Best Thought In Christ!

Vada Stephens

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