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VASM is a non-profit ministry that focuses on empowering the community by providing spiritual advocacy, mentorship, educational aids, and health & wellness initiatives in an effort to promote healthy thinking and thus healthy living.



vada Stephens

Vada Stephens, a speaker, author, songwriter, health advocate, community leader, and all-around compassionate man, has poured himself into helping people spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically. He has helped launch numerous programs, health initiatives, and community outreach activities that bring life to hurting people.

His base of operations, The Abundant Life Apostolic Church in Cincinnati Ohio, has provided him the support and platform necessary to spread the good news of Christ Jesus. Vada serves as both Youth Advocate and Program Director of Abundant Life Apostolic Church under the honorable Bishop H. Anthony Stephens, M, TH., DD, Senior Pastor. In addition, Vada Stephens is a licensed Elder in the State of Ohio ordained under HGAAA, Presiding Bishop S.S. Watkins and Vice President Bishop Td. Jakes. He is CEO of Vada Anthony Stephens Ministries/VASM.

Vada also executive produced the album Born to Overcome and received writing credit on the song, Ready to Give, from the album Live For You. Vada received background vocal credit on the song, It Doesn't Have to Change, from the multi-platinum album Get Lifted. He has appeared on NBC's Today Show and A Legendary Christmas television special.

Elder Vada Stephens ministers abroad both teaching and preaching recovery to all those who put their faith in Christ. His message crosses denominational lines, racial barriers, and gender prejudice. He is an anointed voice called for such a time as this.

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